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    Advanced Zabbix Data Pre-Processing

    This course is entirely based on the possibilities offered by the Zabbix 6.0 frontend, and is designed to help users learn how to extract and transform information from different sources without using external tools or scripts. Every pre-processing step is explained in detail with examples, and nearly all have corresponding practical tasks.

    The course is designed for users with basic Zabbix knowledge who want to understand Zabbix pre-processing options on an expert level. It does not require any existing Zabbix certification.

    Products covered Zabbix 6.4
    Format Online/classroom
    Group size Up to 10 students
    Duration 1 day
    Course prerequisite None

    Course program

    Day 1
    • Introduction
    • Internal workflow
    • Numerical operations
    • Converting between numeral systems
    • Text operations
    • Javascript
    • Structured data (JSONPath, XMLPath, Prometheus)
    • Transformation to JSON
    • Data validation
    • Throttling
    • Q&A Session

    Course attendance certificate

    There is no exam after the course, but every attendee gets an official Zabbix certificate.

    Apply for a course Course schedule
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