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    Zabbix Certified Expert (ZCE)

    The Certified Expert course will teach you how to deploy Zabbix in high availability mode, implement disaster recovery by configuring database partitioning, secure your Zabbix instance, and integrate Zabbix with external systems via API. You’ll also gain a full understanding of internal Zabbix processes and their impact on performance.

    Products covered Zabbix 6.0
    Format Online/classroom
    Group size Up to 5 students
    Duration 5 days
    Course prerequisite Zabbix Certified 6.0 Professional exam
    Previous level Zabbix Certified Professional Level 3

    Course program

    Day 1
    • Installation: Zabbix upgrade
    • Installation: Zabbix source code
    • Administration: Zabbix and SELinux
    • Security: Using SSL certificates
    • Security: Database connection encryption
    • Security: Zabbix and HashiCorp Vault
    • Security: Internal communication encryption
    Day 2
    • Security: MySQL DB connection encryption
    • Security: PostgreSQL DB connection encryption
    • Security: Internal communication encryption with PSK
    • Security: Internal communication encryption with Certificates
    • Security: Using custom cipher for encryption
    • Data collection: SNMPv3 monitoring
    • Administration: External authentication (LDAP, SAML)
    Day 3
    • Programming: Zabbix communication protocol
    • Administration: Zabbix database structure
    • Programming: Zabbix API overview
    • Programming: Zabbix API authentication
    • Programming: Zabbix API methods
    • Programming: Zabbix API output
    • Programming: Zabbix API filters
    • Programming: Zabbix API modules
    • Programming: Zabbix loadable modules
    • Programming: Zabbix frontend modules
    Day 4
    • Administration: Zabbix server startup/shutdown behavior
    • Administration: Data collection internals
    • Administration: High availability internals
    • Administration: Configuration syncer internals
    • Administration: Preprocessing internals
    • Administration: Low-level discovery internals
    • Administration: VMware monitoring internals
    • Administration: Zabbix self-monitoring
    • Administration: Zabbix tasks
    • Administration: Event and data processing
    • Administration: Housekeeper internals
    • Administration: Proxy communication
    Day 5
    • Administration: Autoregistration internals
    • Administration: Network discovery internals
    • Administration: Advanced IT services configuration
    • Data collection: Storing history in Elasticsearch
    • Overview: What's new in 6.2
    • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert Exam
    • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert Certificate

    Certificates and gifts

    • Course attendance certificate
    • Zabbix backpack
    • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Expert certificate (upon successfully passing the exam)
    • Zabbix 6.0 Expert pin (upon successfully passing the exam)
    Apply for a course Course schedule
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