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    Zabbix Solution in Retail

    Most of processes in the Retail industry are automated and performed using sophisticated applications such as ERP or similar which enable to efficiently manage warehouse, logistics, order placement and processing, inventory and stock, finances and accounting processes, on-line sales (web shops) and many other parts of the retail business. These applications in many cases deliver a competitive edge to retailers, while any delays or time shifts in product delivery or non-intelligent inventory management result in financial and reputational losses. Besides, there is a plenty of retail specific equipment such as POS terminals, heating and cooling devices, labelling and scanning tools that need constant monitoring to ensure smooth operations of the retail processes.

    Zabbix Monitoring Solution is able to deliver an all-in-one tool to monitor different applications, metrics, processes and equipment, providing a complete picture about availability and performance of all components that make retail business successful.

    Potential uses of Zabbix

    • control and monitoring of operations for all equipment;
    • automation of system’s functionalities;
    • alarming if any involved unit is broken or damaged;
    • notification in case of delays or time shifts;
    • automation of store openings and closings;
    • monitoring of cash machines;
    • notification if cash volume is exceeded in certain cash machines;
    • monitoring of access system log entries.

    Proven Benefits

    • due to solution flexibility Zabbix can be easily integrated into existing business processes;
    • availability of filtering and sorting data, according to the company’s needs;
    • the transparency of processes;
    • control over all processes involved;
    • ability for past evaluation, according to recorded historical data;
    • time and cost saving;
    • improved performance;
    • assurance that an authorized person is notified on any extraordinary cases, emergencies and errors in the system;
    • transparency of monitored processes and systems.

    Featured Customers

    Harris Teeter Supermarkets, LLC.

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    Zabbix is a professionally developed open-source software with no limits or hidden costs.

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