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    Press Releases

    Zabbix LLC is an active participant of Open Source movement. And being Open Source company is not just providing your product to public for free to use and to share, but also making information about future plans, new developments, techniques and best practices that are used within company flow freely to community and customers of Zabbix.

    Here at Zabbix we adhere in our work to the principles of transparency, efficiency and readiness for dialog. So one of the tasks of this page is to provide timely and high quality information to the public about all spheres of Zabbix activities in all areas.

    We are interested in readers of local and international media receiving good, professional information and are always happy to assist representatives of the media in obtaining accurate data on the Zabbix operations.












    • Zabbix Announced a New Reseller in Russia

      Zabbix LLC has signed a Reseller partnership agreement with IXI Information Security Lab, is among the largest IT-security service providers from Russian Federation. On the service list that IXI offers to its clients is IXI Network Security, which is concentrating on threats investigation. Zabbix is one of the tools IXI uses to investigate the threats and prevent the failure.

    • FocusWEB Signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix Japan LLC

      FocusWEB, a system integrations and cloud service provider located in Saitama, Japan, has signed a Reseller agreement with Zabbix Japan LLC, one of the industry leaders in monitoring software development, with the goal of promoting the implementation of a distributed monitoring solution to its system integration and cloud services.

    • Johokobo, Inc. Signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix

      Johokobo, the Tokyo-based Japanese company, has signed a Certified Partnership agreement with Zabbix LLC, one of the industry leaders in monitoring software development.

    • Zabbix Welcomes New Reseller from Argentina

      Zabbix LLC has signed the Reseller Partnership agreement with an IT service provider from Argentina – Tecnologias Racionales S.A. The company offers a range of IT services from software development to performance testing to companies in Latin America.

    • Company from Brazil Becomes Zabbix Premium Partner

      On the 14th of November Zabbix Company has announced that Unirede Solu??es Corporativas, a Certified Partner of Zabbix for over 4 years, has been promoted to a Premium Partner. Unirede have done a really good job over these four years.

    • Zabbix France Meeting 2012

      Zabbix Company has announced a France Meeting 2012 – an upcoming conference-type event taking place on December 6th, 2012 at 10:00 in the conference hall of the Embassy of Latvia (Ambassade de Lettonie) at 6 Villa Sa?d, Paris, France.

    • Zabbix Launches Subsidiary in Japan

      Today, on the 3rd of October 2012, a press conference was held in Japan’s capital Tokyo that was dedicated to the opening of the first international subsidiary of Zabbix SIA. Zabbix Japan LLC will officially open its doors on the 16th of October.

    • Zabbix Conference 2012

      157 delegates from 27 countries attended Zabbix Conference 2012 last weekend. Professionals from various industries: IT, telecommunications, advertising, finance, as well as healthcare, public and government sectors, gathered to share the knowledge and new ideas about Zabbix Monitoring Solution.

    • INFOCOM CORPORATION is a New Certified Partner of Zabbix SIA

      INFOCOM CORPORATION (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Norihiro Takehara), the IT service provider for enterprise level businesses, and Zabbix LLC (Riga, Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), one of the industry leading monitoring software development companies have signed a Certified Partnership Agreement.

    • Total Server Solutions Updates and Improves Monitoring Services

      (TOTAL SERVER SOLUTIONS) Atlanta, GA, USA -- Server management & technical services company, Total Server Solutions today released information regarding changes and improvements to their industry leading monitoring services. As part of their Total Server Management offering, the Total Server Solutions team offers full server monitoring. Monitoring solutions are also offered on an individual, custom basis as needed by customers.

    • More than 150 IT Professionals to Attend 2nd Annual Zabbix Conference 2012!

      2nd international Zabbix Conference will take place in Riga, Latvia on

    • SRA OSS, Inc. Signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix

      SRA OSS, Inc. Japan (Tokyo, Japan, President: Tatsuo Ishii,) signed the Certified Partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA (Riga, Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), one of the industry leading monitoring software development companies.

    • Systematica Moves to the Next Level!

      Zabbix is very proud to announce that Systematica s.r.l., after being a Zabbix Reseller for over 3 years, has signed a Certified Partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA.

    • Another IT Expert from Germany Becomes Zabbix Certified Partner

      Zabbix is glad to announce a new certified partnership agreement between Zabbix SIA and IntelliTrend GmbH, a newly established IT service provider in Northern Germany.

    • FitechForce Introduces Zabbix Support in Chinese and Korean

      FitechForce, Inc (Japan, Representative Director: Satoshi Hosogami), which specializes in software for financial industry, is providing Zabbix products and its original support services to companies in Japan by being the Certified Partner of Zabbix SIA (Riga, Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev). Many Japanese companies take advantage of the global human resource market and locate their subsidiaries and establish their outsourcing partners offshore, in South Korea and China. As a result, there is an increased demand for Zabbix support, localized for those countries. To satisfy this demand, starting from June 20, 2012 FitechForce will start providing Zabbix support in Chinese and Korean languages.

    • New Reseller in Venezuela

      Zabbix has signed a reseller partnership agreement with Tecnologia OVMC, C.A., an IT service provider from Venezuela, which operates in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. For Zabbix it is a great opportunity to extend its presence and to reach new customers in Latin American region. At the same time, Tecnologia OVMC will gain a competitive advantage by delivering one of the leading monitoring solutions and related services to its customers.

    • BSP will provide cloud monitoring services by use of the Zabbix monitoring solution

      BSP Incorporated (Tokyo, Japan; CEO, Hiroki Takefuji), a software development company for IT operations management, signed a Certified Partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA (Riga, Latvia, CEO, Alexei Vladishev), one of the leading companies in the development of monitoring software.

    • Zabbix New Reseller in France

      Zabbix SIA and MATRICS Communications (Toulouse, France) have signed a reseller partnership agreement.

    • Bringing Partnership to the Next Level

      Zabbix Company are proud to announce that after being a Zabbix Reseller Partner for over 3 years ALDABA Servicios Profesionales (ALDABA) have decided to become a Certified Partner of Zabbix SIA.

    • ARK Systems Co., Ltd. Signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix

      ARK Systems Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Hedehumi Owase), system integrations company that specializes in system management, operation management, and system construction, signed the Reseller Agreement with Zabbix SIA (Riga, Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), one of the industry leading monitoring software development companies.

    • Zabbix 2.0 Version Release

      The Zabbix Company are proud to announce the release of the latest 2.0 version of software.

    • Softnix Technology Has Become the First Zabbix Reseller in Thailand

      Zabbix SIA (Latvia) and Softnix Technology Co., Ltd. (Thailand) have signed a reseller partnership agreement. This settlement is going to create new business opportunities for both companies and increase awareness of Zabbix and Softnix Technology in South-East Asian market.

    • Zabbix Stand at Cloud Computing EXPO (Tokyo, Japan): Zabbix 2.0 comes to Japan

      Zabbix, one of the industry leading monitoring software development companies, will have a booth at Cloud Computing EXPO, a part of Japan IT Week 2012, at Tokyo Big Site from 9th to 11th of May.

    • CROSS HEAD Signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix

      CROSS HEAD, represented by CEO Masami Cho, a network integration and engineering service company from Tokyo, Japan, signed the Certified Partnership Agreement with Zabbix SIA, one of industry leading monitoring software development companies.

    • Zabbix Expands Its Partners’ Network in Spain

      Zabbix SIA, the developer of one of the leading solutions for network monitoring and Allenta Consulting S.L., a Spanish-based consulting company that specialises in Linux and UNIX system administration, have signed a Certified Partnership agreement.

    • Axel IT s.a.s. is a New Zabbix Reseller from France

      Zabbix SIA, one of the industry leading monitoring software development companies, and Axel IT s.a.s., an international IT consulting company, signed a Reseller Partnership agreement. Axel IT have many services to offer to their customers, like technical assistance and support, all sorts of training, business solutions integration, but from now on they will widen their service sphere by introducing Zabbix monitoring solution to their clients. With Zabbix on the company’s service list, Axel IT will become more competitive and demanded on the market.

    • Zabbix SIA and Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd. team for Zabbix backup tool development

      Zabbix SIA (Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), Zabbix, one of industry leading monitoring software development companies, and Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshihiro Ozawa), which provides business consulting and system development, have signed Development sponsorship agreement and announce the development of Zabbix configuration backup tool.

    • Intelligence Business Solutions and Zabbix Announce Partnership

      Intelligence Business Solutions, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Toshihiro Ozawa), which provides business consulting and system development services, signed a partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA (Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), one of industry leading monitoring software development companies.

    • SERVETECH Co.,Ltd and Zabbix SIA announce partnership

      Riga- SERVETECH Co.,Ltd(Yokohama, Japan, CEO: Akinari Honda) signed the Reseller partnership agreement with Zabbix SIA(RIga, Latvia, CEO: Alexei Vladishev), Zabbix, one of industry leading monitoring software development companies.

    • Zabbix is Proud to Have Telekomunikacja Polska as a New Certified Partner in Poland

      Zabbix has signed a Certified Partner agreement with one of the largest telecommunications companies in Poland – Telekomunikacja Polska. This partnership is promising to bring both companies higher on the market ladder, while customers of the new partner will benefit from using the world`s leading monitoring solution to ensure uninterrupted work of their information systems.

    • DV-Loesungen Schreiner GmbH signs Partnership Agreement with Zabbix

      Zabbix SIA has recently expanded its operations within German and Swiss markets by signing a partnership agreement with DV-Loesungen Schreiner GmbH. Both companies have found common synergy in providing IT services for the businesses and enterprises of any sizes within assigned markets. Such alliance of like-minded companies will hopefully lead to increasing success and growing appearance of Zabbix product and services on assigned regions.

    • First Reseller to Represent Zabbix in Romania

      Zabbix LLC, the developer of a popular monitoring solution, and Safetech Innovations, an expert in IT security and continuity, have signed a partnership agreement. Safetech became the first partner of Zabbix in Romania.

    • Zabbix SIA announces partnership with FitechForce, Inc.

      Zabbix, one of industry leading monitoring software development companies, and FitechForce, Inc. (Japan), an experienced web application development company, have signed a partnership agreement, as a result of which FitechForce became a third Certified Partner of Zabbix in Japan.

    • Zabbix Team Goes to FOSDEM

      Zabbix, development company behind leading monitoring solution, represented by senior staff members will attend FOSDEM that will take place in Brussels, Belgium on February 4-5, 2012.

    • Zabbix to sponsor RTU Karjeras Diena 2012

      On March 22, 2012 Riga Technical University (RTU) for the 9th time will host Karjeras Diena 2012 (Career Day 2012). This special event is dedicated to informing university students about best and strongest companies within relevant industries with an aim to bring undergraduates closer to potential employers.

    • Zabbix to Support IT infrastructure of the City Council of Hague

      Zabbix LLC in cooperation with Above IT B.V., a Zabbix reseller located in the Netherlands, had signed a contract for providing Zabbix support services to Gemeente Den Haag.

    • Zabbix will take part in CeBIT 2012

      Zabbix LLC, a world famous open-source monitoring application developer from Latvia, will participate in CeBIT 2012 that will take place in Hannover, Germany on March 06-10, 2012.

    • Zabbix expands its presence in France

      By signing reseller agreement with company Nord Vendee Informatique, Zabbix further expands its presence on IT monitoring market in France.

    • Zabbix partners with Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri from Italy

      Zabbix is proud to announce the start of partnership with Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri, IT solution company from Torino, Italy.

    • Ez Texting & Zabbix SIA Renew Text Message Monitoring Partnership

      New York, NY (Jan 5, 2012) Ez Texting, an industry leading text messaging platform, and Zabbix LLC, a software developer company, have renewed their successful partnership, which provides easy to implement SMS-based server monitoring alerts.


    • Zabbix is to Participate in One of the Biggest Latin-American IT Events

      Zabbix CEO and founder, Alexei Vladishev, is to participate as a speaker in Latinoware 2011, Latin-American Open Source Software Conference that will take place in the city of Foz do Igua?u, Brazil.

    • Zabbix Conference 2011 will Host Above 120 Participants from All Over the World

      International Zabbix Conference 2011, which will be held at Tallink Hotel Riga (Riga, Latvia) between September 30 and October 1 will gather together above 120 IT industry professionals and decision makers from around the world to celebrate Zabbix monitoring solution software 10th anniversary.

    • Ez Texting & Zabbix SIA Announce Partnership

      New York, NY (Mar 31, 2011) Ez Texting, an affordable text messaging platform, and Zabbix LLC, a software developer company, have announced a technical partnership. Zabbix, one of the most popular open source distributed monitoring solutions in the world, is already used by a vast number of companies, thanks to its scalability, high and robust performance, ease of use and extremely low costs of ownership.


    • MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION and Zabbix SIA deepened its relationship to Certified Partner

      Zabbix LLC announces that it is deepening its relationship with MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION from Reseller Partner to Certified Partner. This increased cooperation is based on a shared vision for Zabbix on the part of Mr Alexei Vladishev, CEO of Zabbix LLC, and Mr Takashi Kodama, CEO of MIRACLE LINUX, and will result in dedicated support for critical systems to customers across Japan.

    • FREQUENTIS and Zabbix SIA announce ATC partnership

      Frequentis and Zabbix have announced a technical partnership for the ATC environment. The two companies are working together on developments relevant to safety-critical issues. The Zabbix monitoring tool is used within the Frequentis smartStrips and smartTools solutions, contributing significantly to the safety and security enhancements achieved by these tower automation products.

    • Zabbix Appliance Released

      Zabbix LLC has released an appliance that can be installed on top of such virtual systems as VMware and VirtualBox. The appliance allow to deploy and configure Zabbix monitoring solution quickly and efficiently.

    • Alerta Security Solutions

      "Alerta Security Solutions" signs partnership with Zabbix. The partnership was formalized between the Alerta Security Solutions and Zabbix LLC.

    • Core IT Project and Zabbix SIA announce Partnership

      Core IT Project has signed a reseller agreement with Zabbix LLC and intend to provide high level support through Zabbix LLC to customers.

    • DATASYS and Zabbix SIA establish cooperation

      DATASYS s.r.o. has signed an agreement on cooperation with ZABBIX LLC, the company that develops the ZABBIX system, a quality open-source solution for network monitoring.



    • Futureservice and Zabbix SIA Announce Partnership

      Futureservice, a Russian company, and Zabbix SIA, the company-creator of ZABBIX enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution, join forces in order to promote, implement and integrate ZABBIX monitoring solution at the Russian market.

    • MIRACLE LINUX Announces Consulting and Support Services for ZABBIX

      MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION (Headquarters: Higashishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Kodama; hereinafter referred to as MIRACLE LINUX) signed a reseller agreement with ZABBIX SIA, which has introduced ZABBIX, an open-source and integrated software solution to monitor IT environments. MIRACLE LINUX announces to resell consulting and support services for ZABBIX.-2008

    • NTT ComTechnology Corporation becomes ZABBIX Premium Partner

      The Japanese company NTT ComTechnology Corporation and Zabbix SIA of the Republic of Latvia are pleased to announce that NTT ComTechnology Corporation changes its status from ZABBIX Certified Partner to ZABBIX Premium Partner.-2008

    • ZABBIX goes into Japanese Market

      The Japanese company NTTCom Technology Corporation (hereafter NTTCom Techno) and ZABBIX SIA of the Republic of Latvia are pleased to announce that they join forces in order to introduce ZABBIX, an enterprise-class open source distributed network management system (NMS), at Japanese market.

    • Unirede Solu??es Corporativas and ZABBIX SIA Announce Partnership

      "Partnership with ZABBIX LLC will provide customers with support backed by knowledge and experience of ZABBIX team. Our experience has proven that ZABBIX is an excellent tool that provides all the resources for distributed monitoring of servers and networks. ZABBIX represents a highly important addition to our portfolio.", said Luciano Alves, CEO of Unirede Solu??es Corporativas.


    • NetCon BV and ZABBIX SIA Announce Partnership

      "With the combination of our partnership with ZABBIX LLC and our own ZABBIX Certified Specialists, we professionalized our support to our current and new customers, including demo`s, training courses and support contracts," says Leo Dil, managing director of NetCon BV.



    • ZABBIX Commercial Support Announcement

      ZABBIX Company is pleased to announce the availability of commercial support of its open-source network and application centralized monitoring solution.

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