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    Keep control of your infrastructure by collecting any metric from any source

    Collect metrics from any source

    Collect metrics from any source

    Zabbix enables you to collect metrics but isn't limited to:
    • Network devices
    • Cloud services, containers, virtual machines
    • OS level monitoring
    • Log files
    • Databases
    • Applications
    • Services
    • IoT sensors
    • Web page monitoring
    • HTTP/HTTPS endpoint monitoring
    • Support for full range of industry standard protocols
    • Collect data from external API end-points
    Customize metric collection
    Deploy Zabbix agent for in depth monitoring
    Utilize agent-less monitoring using any protocols
    Emulate real-life transactions with synthetic monitoring
    Extend your monitoring by implementing custom data collection methods
    Collect, normalize and optimize your data by using transformations

    Detect problems instantly

    Define smart problem thresholds

    Define smart problem thresholds

    Forget about tracking your metrics manually. With Zabbix you can detect problem states within the incoming metric flow automatically:

    • High performance problem detection in real-time
    • Highly flexible definition options
    • Separate problem and problem resolution conditions
    • Multiple severity levels
    • Mark problems as cause or symptom events
    • Root cause analysis
    • Flapping protection
    • Anomaly detection
    • Trend prediction
    • Detected problems can be classified using tags for smarter alerting
    • Real-time export of detected problem events to 3rd party systems (Elastic, Splunk, etc.)
    • Manual problem suppression indefinitely or until a specific point in time

    Zabbix provides its users with very flexible, intelligent threshold definition options. While a threshold for trigger may be as simple as "bigger than x", it is possible to use all power of supported functions and operators for statistical analysis of history data.

    React proactively with trend prediction
    Detect anomalies by using baseline monitoring

    Get alerted on critical issues


    Receive problem alerts

    Use multiple messaging channels to notify the responsible person or people about the different kinds of events occurring in your environment:

    • Alerting systems:
      • VictorOPS
      • Opsgenie
      • Pagerduty
      • SIGNL4
      • And more
    • Email
    • SMS for reliable alerts using USB modems
    • Online SMS gateways

    Gain additional insights and extend observability by powerful data visualization


    Display the collected data in many possible ways

    Define widget-based dashboards displaying relevant information:

    • Large selection of many different widgets
    • Simple drag and drop placement and scaling of widgets
    • Each widget is highly customizable to fit your needs
    • Display metrics, problems, infrastructure and geo maps on your dashboards
    • Display your current business service SLA information on your dashboards

    Access your metrics, problems, reports and maps with a click of a button.

    Infrastructure Maps
    Scheduled reports
    Custom dashboard widgets

    Leverage a single pane of glass for your entire infrastructure

    Widget-based dashboards

    Create flexible widget based dashboards

    Zabbix web UI provides multiple ways of presenting a visual overview of your IT environment:
    • Widget-based multi-page dashboards
    • Easy drag and drop widget placement
    • Configure automatic dashboard refresh intervals
    • Ability to clone an existing dashboard
    • Private and public dashboards
    • Flexible graphs capable of displaying regular and aggregate data
    • Create map hierarchy trees and use them to navigate through your infrastructure
    • Execute a script directly from a dashboard and remediate an issue or display additional information
    Each of the dashboard elements is extremely flexible and supports multiple view, filters and respects user permissions:
    • Filter and display only the required data
    • Customize your widgets to display data at different granularity levels
    • User permissions are respected when displaying data on dashboards
    Inventory information

    Keep track of KPI's with business service monitoring

    Root cause analysis

    Improve problem tracking with root cause analysis

    Correlate existing and incoming problems and perform root cause analysis:

    • Prevent floods of secondary issues and display only the root cause
    • Define flexible problem correlation logic
    • Close any related incoming problems if the root cause is not resolved
    • Close existing problems if a root cause problem has been detected
    • Define your service elements with hierarchical service trees
    Business-level impact
    SLA Monitoring

    Seamlessly deploy Zabbix within your infrastructure


    Integrate Zabbix with existing system

    Out of the box monitoring for leading software and hardware vendors:
    • Cisco
    • HPE
    • Microsoft
    • IBM
    • VMware
    • Meraki
    • Juniper
    • F5
    • And many more
    With Zabbix you can improve monitoring and problem remediation workflows for your DevOPS and ITOps teams. Integrate Zabbix with your existing systems:
    • Monitor your Docker containers
    • Web server backends - IIS, Apache, Nginx and more
    • Database backends such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB and more
    Kubernetes monitoring
    Stream data in real-time

    Enterprise grade security


    Encrypt communication between Zabbix components

    Zabbix supports encrypting any communication stream between different Zabbix components:

    • All communications between various Zabbix components (such as Zabbix server, proxies, agents and command-line utilities) support TLS protocol
    • Support for certificate and pre-shared key encryption
    • Encryption is optional and configurable for individual components
    • All sensitive information is encrypted and can be stored in an external Vault for additional security
    • Select from a list of supported encryption algorithms based on your security policy
    Configuration Change Tracking
    Restrict Data Access
    Just-in-Time user provisioning

    Deploy in 5 minutes on-premise or in the cloud

    in minutes

    Install Zabbix in minutes

    Zabbix provides many different ways how you can deploy individual Zabbix components:

    • Deploy a PoC environment from a preconfigured virtual machine appliance image
    Out-of-the-box templates
    Automatic agent deployment
    Onboarding workflow

    Scale without limits

    Scale Up

    Scale up your Zabbix infrastructure

    Add an extra layer of scalability by deploying Zabbix proxies. Scale up to collect millions of metrics from hundreds of thousands of devices, services, applications, and more. Zabbix proxies are easy to deploy and enable unlimited vertical scalability:

    • Delegate metric collection to Zabbix proxies
    • Deploy an unlimited amount of Zabbix proxies
    • Monitor thousands of remote locations, company branches, data centers
    • Deploy Zabbix proxies from packages, containers or cloud images
    • Reduce network overhead - traffic between central Zabbix server backend and proxies is compressed!
    • Stay compliant with the highest security standards by using TLS PSK or certificate encryption with full control of permitted security algorithms
    Zabbix proxy
    Distributed monitoring
    High Availability
    Data retention policy

    Get started in 10 minutes - absolutely FREE

    Zabbix is a professionally developed open-source software with no limits or hidden costs.

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