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    Zabbix Meeting Sweden is designed to guide you through Zabbix solutions while providing some company background, covering different examples from useful business cases, and letting you know more about the professional services that Zabbix provides in Sweden.



    One of Sweden's most important cities, Gothenburg is situated off the G?ta ?lv river on the country's west coast. An important seaport, it's known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards lined with many cafes and shops, including the Avenyn, the city's main thoroughfare.

    Located in a stylish neo-classical building in central Gothenburg, the Elite Plaza Hotel combines old-fashioned comfort with modern amenities.


    V?stra Hamngatan 3, 411 17 G?teborg, Sweden


    November 30, 2023

    09:00 Registration and morning coffee
    09:30 Everything about Zabbix Monitoring Solution (Swedish)

    Fredrik Landstrom, Certified Zabbix Expert and Trainer, Metricio, MTSEGB23_SPEAKER_FREDRIK_LANDSTROM_COUNTRY

    10:30 Get to know Zabbix: team, business model, markets, customers, financial results (English)
    11:00 Coffee break
    11:15 Learn how Zabbix professional services can make your life easier (English)
    11:45 Metricio, Zabbix Certified Partner. Introduction to company, services, customers (Swedish)

    Fredrick Westberg, CEO, Metricio, Sweden

    12:15 Zabbix Use Cases
    12:45 Lunch
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