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    Typical situations when You need Development Services

    What do you get?

    • Desired functionality supported in Zabbix out of the box
    • Direct communication with Zabbix developers ensuring you get the optimal feature execution
    • Possibility to get complex functionality for partial cost in terms of co-sponsoring

    Additional benefits

    • Peace of mind that the feature was developed in a secure environment and was tested by the Zabbix team (no malicious code etc)
    • Possibility to impact the roadmap and feature specifications
    • No more need for custom patches, meaning zero maintenance of new functionality
    • Supporting the open source initiative


    The price for Development Services depends on the complexity of requested feature and the level of integration with existing Zabbix functionality. When evaluating the cost of specific development, Zabbix takes into consideration the added value that this implementation can bring to other Zabbix users.

    Cost of development is calculated with a minimum billing period of 1 day and generally varies from €700 and up to €1,500 per day.

    Course prerequisites:

    • Detailed description of desired functionality
    • Link to existing ZBXNEXT (if applicable)
    Apply for Development Services See all services
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