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    Technical Consultant

    Location: Zabbix Headquarters, Riga, Latvia

    As a part of our team you will:

    • Consult and support customers on technical issues worldwide, remotely and on-site
    • Identify customer needs, analyze and offer solutions
    • Solve complicated problem situations and work pro-actively to prevent those in future
    • Take part in creating technical specifications and document provided solutions
    • Acquire in-depth knowledge of trending IT technology
    • Work closely with the Development team
    • Communicate with all the best known IT industry giants worldwide
    • Meet great, motivated, and friendly colleagues

    What we expect:

    • Good knowledge and interest in Linux operating system
    • Experience with database engines such as MySQL and/or PostgreSQL
    • Knowledge of SNMP, SQL, Network stack, LAMP stack will be considered as an advantage
    • Experience with cloud solutions as AWS, Google cloud, Azure will be considered as an advantage
    • Excellent communication skills, client oriented personality
    • High sense of responsibility, ability to learn and grow professionally
    • Very good English; Latvian on conversational level

    What we offer:

    • Unique opportunity to work with one of the most widely used monitoring software’s in the world
    • Work in international business environment (Zabbix has subsidiary offices in Japan, Brazil, Mexico)
    • Competitive salary, health insurance, annual bonuses, goodies and various gifts
    • Healthy and sweet snacks, tea, and coffee in the kitchen
    • Company’s library, courses, training sessions, professional and higher education compensation, conferences
    • Various bonuses for young families and employees with children
    • Option to work remotely. Company’s office is easily accessible with public transport or private car. Car and bicycle parking for free.
    • Office games for active breaks and friendly internal tournaments, team-building events and parties.


    • Monthly salary (gross): 2000.00 to 3600.00 EUR

    Think you're the right person for this job?

    Ready to apply?

    or send us your CV at [email protected]

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